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    LCR-T4 Digital Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR Meter

    2.5" LCD Tester MOS PNP NPN LCR - Blue + Yellow

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    LCR-T4 Digital Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR Meter

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    1. Latest M328 version of the software, more functions. Chip: Atmega328
    2.128x64 big Backlight LCD display, only 2mA when stand by.
    3. Using 9V battery (Not inlcuded)
    Test ranges:
    Inductors, capacitors , diodes, dual diode , mos, transistor, SCR , the regulator, LED tube , ESR, Resistance, Adjustable potentiometer
     Resistance: 0.1 ohm resolution, maximum 50M ohm
    Capacitor: 25pf -100,000 uf
    Inductors: 0.01mh-20H

    NEW Function:
    1:Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, n-channel and p-channel MOSFET, diode (including double diode), thyristor, transistor, resistor and capacitor and other components
    2: Automatic test the pin of a component, and display on the LCD
    3:Can detect the transistor, MOSFET protection diode amplification coefficient and the base to determine the emitter transistor forward biased voltage
    4: Measure the gate and gate capacitance of the MOSFET threshold voltage
    5:Use 12864 liquid crystal display with green backlight
    Specifications: For you reference
    1,One -button operation, automatic shutdown .
    2,Only 20nA shutdown current.
    3,Automatically detect NPN, PNP bipolar transistors , N -channel and P -channel MOS FET, JFET , diodes , two diodes, thyristors small power unidirectional and bidirectional thyristor.
    4,Automatic identification components pin arrangement .
    5,Measuring bipolar transistor current amplification factor and base - emitter threshold voltage.
    6,Via the base - emitter threshold voltage and high current amplification factor to identify Darlington transistors.
    7,Can detect bipolar transistors and MOS transistors protection diodes.
    8,Measuring the gate MOS FET threshold voltage and the gate capacitance.
    9,Can simultaneously measure two resistors and resistor symbol is displayed. Displayed on the right with a decimal value of 4 . Resistance symbol on both sides shows the pin number. So you can measure the potentiometer. If the potentiometer wiper is not transferred to an extreme position , we can distinguish the middle and both ends of the pin.
    10,Resistance measurement resolution is 0.1 ohms , 50M ohms can be measured .
    11,Can measure capacitanceCan measure capacitance of 30pF-100mF , resolution 1pF.
    12.2uF more capacitors can simultaneously measure the equivalent series resistance ESR values. The two can be displayed with a decimal value , resolution 0.01 ohms.
    13,Can be in the correct order and the diode symbol display two diodes , and gives the diode forward voltage.
    14.LED is detected as a diode forward voltage higher . Combo of the LED is identified as two diodes.
    15,Eeverse breakdown voltage is less than 4.5V Zener diode can be identified.
    16,Can measure a single diode reverse capacitance. If the bipolar transistor connected to the base and collector or emitter of a pin , it can measure the collector or emitter junction reverse capacitance .
    18,can be obtained with a single measurement rectifier bridge connection.
    Notice: Before measuring capacitance , the capacitor must be discharged , otherwise very likely damage the meter



    Form ColorBlue + Yellow + Multi-Colored
    Quantity1 DX.PCM.Model.AttributeModel.Unit
    Material+ +
    Screen TypeOthers,LCD
    Screen Size1 x Transistor Tester DX.PCM.Model.AttributeModel.Unit
    Working Voltage 9 DX.PCM.Model.AttributeModel.Unit
    English Manual / SpecYes
    Download Link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qXhyE40
    Packing List1 * Transistor Tester


    Dimensions: 2.80 in x 2.36 in x 0.59 in (7.1 cm x 6.0 cm x 1.5 cm)
    Weight: 1.62 oz (46 g)


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